Merino wool basket fillers 

Our Merino Wool Basket Filler comes in a long string of realy soft wool. The 250 gr is enough to fill your basket or bowl. You can use it in several ways, style it nicely or drop it in your prop you can use it all the way you want it!

We have two types of order, RTS = Ready to ship, these colors are ready to ship. We also have Pre Order merino wool, that means we haven't these colors on stock we need to order the colors at our supplier, time table for that is 2 - 6 weeks ( collect orders, order at our supplier, receiving order and packing for you!) Please sent an mail when you need it fast, so i can help you!

RTS = Ready to Ship (on stock in our warehouse)

Pre Order ( We need to order the colors by our supplier(s) 2 - 6 weeks)


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